Quick Hack: controlling remote AC switches with Raspberry Pi/any MCU

Need to control some smart home switches, asap? That’s what happened to me, so I hit the hardware store and got a set of Noma RF AC switches, with a little remote, and hacked it up to automate the action. Get all the details and a little demo in this video:

Controlling a Raspberry Pi with Android

Device Druid version 3 is out and about! There’s a new look, a host of new features, etc but what I’m most thrilled to announce is support for both Raspberry Pi and Android. To celebrate, here’s a little video walkthrough of getting a GUI running on a Raspberry Pi in a couple of minutes. We’ll…

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Mobile Raspberry Pi 3/Zero W: Tips and Lessons Learned

I just finished a project that involved video processing in a portable, wirelessly connected, package: a perfect opportunity to get to know the newer Raspberry Pi Zero W.  Here I’ll go over a few lessons learned while making this little computer truly mobile.  The main point of interest is power: power (as in applied voltage),…

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Reliable 3G connections with Huawei E182E/E173s on Raspberry Pi

I just finished a project for which I we needed to connect a raspberry pi to a distant server, over a 3G connection.  The module was to be autonomous–it would be powered on demand and needed to reboot into a consistently usable state to perform its duties. Creating a shield (or “HAT” in Pi terminology)…

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