Controlling a Raspberry Pi with Android

Device Druid version 3 is out and about! There’s a new look, a host of new features, etc but what I’m most thrilled to announce is support for both Raspberry Pi and Android. To celebrate, here’s a little video walkthrough of getting a GUI running on a Raspberry Pi in a couple of minutes. We’ll…

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A challenge for “hackers”

After encountering a bug and finally finding a work-around, I documented the circumstances and fix and posted it here.  A day later, I found that the page had been defaced and all that remained was a message to the effect of “HACKED BY TINYNUTS“. It turns out, the version of WordPress used on the site…

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Sweet new features for Druid4Arduino and SerialUI

New versions of SerialUI and Druid4Arduino have just been released and include some neat new functionality. The two major improvements are: automatic variable/state tracking continuous streaming output Variable state tracking Using SerialUI, you may now specify and label a list of (global) variables.  Each of these will automatically be displayed and refreshed in the druid…

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ACID released

Announcing the release of a new hardware project :) A.C.I.D. (the Aural Colour Identification Device) lets you hear all the colours of the rainbow, by converting any light it receives into a unique combination of tones. It may be used as a handheld device or as an input module to other components by providing numerical…

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VaRGB, RGB illumination programming library, released

VaRGB, a powerful and rather fun bit of code, has gone public and is now available as OSS. VaRGB is an RGB illumination programming library. You tell it how you want your lighting to behave, and it handles all the details of updating red/green/blue values at the right time for you. The library works on…

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Site setup!

Quick word to say that the site backend has finally been setup–nice and easy, using WordPress–aaah, 1st post…now I can stop staring at a blank page ;-)