Major Update: druid4arduino is dead, long live devicedruid!  So using this old software is no longer recommended, version 3 of which has been released.  Check out a little demo, this one not on an Arduino (which would work the same, of course) but on a Raspberry Pi:

This page will be updated in the near future, but really do check out version 3.

Druid4Arduino provides a simple GUI (graphical user interface) to interact with any SerialUI-based Arduino project.  It works its magic by crawling the menu hierarchy (commands and sub-menus) provided by SerialUI and automatically re-configuring its user interface to match whatever options you’ve provided.

Druid4Arduino, windows version

Druid4Arduino under windows

It will connect to your arduino project through the USB serial port and display a reflection of all the commands and sub-menus as defined in your program/sketch.

As long as you follow the coding conventions specified by SerialUI, it will also request and transmit any required input or error messages.

The output returned by your device is displayed in the lower part of the screen, and may be exported to a text file at any time.


Check out druid4arduino in this little screencast:

File/Data Uploads

Here’s a presentation of the new file upload to Arduino feature:


Druid4Arduino is free software, with Windows and Linux clients currently available and a Mac version on its way.


Druid4Arduino, under Linux, with variable state tracking


As this is alpha software, in addition to trying it out and reporting issues, there are a few TODOs left on the stack.  The most important of these, at the moment, are:

  • Getting an Apple/Mac version built and working
  • Getting an appropriate build system setup.

For now, I’ve been compiling the Linux and Windows versions under linux with a few custom makefiles.  This is less than ideal and doesn’t allow for compilation under windows or mac.  If anyone can help on this front, it would be much appreciated: let me know!

More Druid4Arduino information: [subpages]

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