Monthly Archives: July 2014

SerialUI and Druid4Arduino updated

SerialUI, the Arduino serial/terminal user interface, and Druid4Arduino, the automatic GUI for SerialUI-enabled devices, have both been updated and are available for download. SerialUI SerialUI has been expanded to include new functionality, the most important of which are: A “user-presence” callback.  You can now specify a function which will be periodically executed while a user…

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EvoLink: EVO-All datalink library released

Interacting with vehicles can be pretty tough.  Cars are electrically noisy environments and, being powerful and heavy metal machines, a little tricky (read, dangerous) to play with.  Worse, they’re all different!  Even with the advent of the CAN system and standard, manufacturers can be infuriating in their insistance on doing everything in their own particular…

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