Monthly Archives: March 2013

Adventures of a Linux guy building Windows programs

I have a little Arduino project for which I’m going to provide a nice graphical interface.  As is my custom, I chose to implement everything using my Linux development environments but made it a point to choose powerful tools that are designed to be cross-platform.  It’s a drag to do things over just because your…

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LED the sunshine in

I loooove LEDs: they’re easy to use and really efficient.  I’ve always wanted to use light-emitting diodes to feed, or at least supplement, my plants because you can get a lot of lumen without using many Watts and also because you can target the frequencies usable by chlorophyll (in the red and blue parts of…

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SerialUI Library Released!

  Ever want to easily configure, and get feedback from, an Arduino-based project?  If you want to allow a user to simply connect to your device and retrieve information or give commands dynamically–without the need to re-program the Arduino–then SerialUI may be just what you need! SerialUI allows you to setup a hierarchy of menus,…

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Getting to know the Digispark

A few months ago, I funded my first kickstarter project for production of the Digispark: a tiny (less than a square inch) Arduino-compatible device based on the AVR ATtiny85. Plugged-in Digispark Though I received the occasional progress update email, I pretty much forgot about the Digispark. Until last week, that is, when I received a…

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This document–a re-print of an old but still relevant and useful article I wrote–details the creation of professional quality printed circuit boards (PCBs) using a laser printer and easily obtainable tools and materials. completed PCB

Site setup!

Quick word to say that the site backend has finally been setup–nice and easy, using WordPress–aaah, 1st post…now I can stop staring at a blank page ;-)