If you want to interact and control real-life cars and trucks, there’s no easier way that with the Fortin EVO-All bypass–and the simplest way to use that, is with the EvoLink library.

With EvoLink you can send commands to, and receive event notifications from, the EVO-All module through a 4-wire connection (two for power, and two for RS-232 serial communication).  EvoLink handles timing when issuing instructions and deals with parsing incoming data, which can be handled by custom callback functions for remote starter, brakes, door/trunk/hood open and close, sensors and tachometer events.

Using the library, you’re code is legible and doesn’t need to worry about timing the byte sends.  For instance, here’s how you could arm the system and lock the door:

delay(750) // wait a bit

EvoLink is released under the GPL (so it’s open source and free for hobbyists) and available under a dual-licensing system, should you want to incorporate it into a closed/proprietary product.
EVO-AllThe EVO-All Universal all-in-one data bypass and interface module is touted as the “ultimate ALL-IN-ONE data immobilizer bypass, keyless entry, convenience, low power remote start and security interface combo module in the industry“.  Fortin has managed to reduce the complexity of interacting with hundreds of different vehicles by creating a unified API and datalink system, that allows you to issue a single command to perform a given function on a host of vehicles makes and models.

Installation and configuration of the EVO-All is beyond the scope of this document, but is fully detailed on the Fortin site.  Once it’s on-board, you can connect your favorite microcontroller to it using the 4-wire interface, and start controlling it using the EvoLink library.

Supported Platforms

At this time, the EvoLink library is designed to be used with the Arduino (ATmega*) or Xmegaduino (Xmega*) SDKs, but it has been designed to be easily portable to any platform that supports C++ code.  Further info on this is available in the source, and by using the contact form here.

More EvoLink information: [subpages]

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