Inductive kickback (originally known as http://flyingcarsandstuff.com/) is the creation and electronics playground of Pat Deegan.

It is a place for me to share discoveries, principles, feedback, tips and tricks unearthed over the course of consulting on various projects to create embedded systems, IoT, and other electronic devices, circuitry, firmware and mobile applications.

For details of the actual phenomena of inductive kickback, I’ve made a simplified crash course available.

Pat in the lab: an artist's rendition

Pat in the lab: an artist’s rendition

I hope you’ll find the pages and posts here entertaining and useful. If you have project ideas, an interesting hardware or software problem or anything (at least semi-related to the topics covered here) you’d like to discuss, drop me a line.

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The information and circuits on our pages are provided for personal study only.

Some deal with electricity, electronics and other potentially dangerous areas of study and experimentation–a sufficient expertise is assumed.

We will not take any responsibility for any personal injury or damage to property arising from use or abuse of the information provided on our pages. If you are too young, dumb or clumsy to manipulate electricity, sharp, hot or otherwise possibly harmful objects and substances, then just stay away or go for it and earn your very own Darwin Award.

Enjoy! :-)

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