Transmitting mounds of data in realtime over Bluetooth Low Energy

My client needed to receive a relatively large amount of data on a mobile device, from an embedded system, and process it in near-realtime.   The simplest method for communication with a whole host of mobile devices is to go over bluetooth low energy, but this protocol’s main concern is more about power conservation than throughput. …

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RedBear Duo: Intro and QuickStart/HOWTO

Just got my hands on RedBear Lab‘s Duo—what promises to be a great little BLE/WiFi combo—and got some preliminary testing done.  By the end of the seven straightforward steps detailed here, you’ll know all the basics about the Duo and have your own “Arduino” code running on the device, too.  Other than my own ramblings,…

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Reliable 3G connections with Huawei E182E/E173s on Raspberry Pi

I just finished a project for which I we needed to connect a raspberry pi to a distant server, over a 3G connection.  The module was to be autonomous–it would be powered on demand and needed to reboot into a consistently usable state to perform its duties. Creating a shield (or “HAT” in Pi terminology)…

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