Sweet new features for Druid4Arduino and SerialUI

Sweet new features for Druid4Arduino and SerialUI

New versions of SerialUI and Druid4Arduino have just been released and include some neat new functionality.

The two major improvements are:

  • automatic variable/state tracking
  • continuous streaming output

Variable state tracking

Using SerialUI, you may now specify and label a list of (global) variables.  Each of these will automatically be displayed and refreshed in the druid GUI (shown here under the mouse pointer, centre right):


All you must do to take advantage of this new functionality, is specify the label and (pointer to) variable to track, during the SerialUI setup, and Druid4Arduino handles the rest, e.g.

void setup() {
   // ...
   // setup variable tracking for druid
   mySUI.trackState(red_label, &redVar);
   mySUI.trackState(green_label, &greenVar);
   // ...

SerialUI currently supports tracking for boolean, float and unsigned long types (let me know if you really need some other type supported as well).

Continuous Streaming Output

Originally, Druid4Arduino would only provide output (in the bottom window) after executing some request on the SerialUI device.  There are, however, instances when you’d like to have your Arduino provide information asynchronously or continuously.  As demonstrated in the video above, Druid4Arduino now handles this situation but periodically refreshing the output window with incoming content, regardless of whether a command is being executed or not.

Download the latest versions of SerialUI and Druid4Arduino to try it out!



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