VaRGB, RGB illumination programming library, released

VaRGB, RGB illumination programming library, released

VaRGB LogoVaRGB, a powerful and rather fun bit of code, has gone public and is now available as OSS.

VaRGB is an RGB illumination programming library. You tell it how you want your lighting to behave, and it handles all the details of updating red/green/blue values at the right time for you.

The library works on all kinds of hardware–AVR, Arduino, Raspberry Pi (anything that can handle C++, really) and with absolutely any and all RGB illumination systems you can interface with (MegaBrites, LED strips, PWM-controlled LEDs, etc.).

There are a few cool examples included, and you can see it in action in the video below (after a little overview of how everything works):

Check it out, I hope it will be useful to many!

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