Exactly What She Said

It was already sizable, but then it just kept getting bigger and bigger… The long awaited update to druid4arduino is finally on its way–it’s currently awaiting publishing in the app store–but it took a whole lot longer than expected, in part because of the enormous endeavour it morphed into along the way. It began with…

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Painless handling of dates, times, events and calendars on embedded systems

I do not enjoy dealing with the vagaries of calendar dates and times… Actually, I pretty much hate it. It’s mostly because I have little patience for arbitrary rules and convoluted systems, and anything as old as the notion of date-times is always filled with historical cruft: half-baked rules, a bunch of incompatible, random-looking, bases…

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TinyBrite Arduino library first release

As mentioned before, I love me some LEDs and have a particular fondness for the MegaBrites, powerful RGB modules that are easy to chain together.  The only issue I encountered in using the hardware was with SPI support or, more specifically, lack thereof.  On certain Arduino’s, like the very tiny Digispark, there is no hardware…

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Druid4Arduino Alpha Released

  Druid4Arduino–an automatic/configuration-free graphical user interface for Arduino projects–has just been released as free software (under the GPL), with binary programs available for Windows and Linux. This software enables you to provide a GUI for your device or project without having to spend any time programming windows and buttons.  You need only include the SerialUI…

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Site setup!

Quick word to say that the site backend has finally been setup–nice and easy, using WordPress–aaah, 1st post…now I can stop staring at a blank page ;-)