Druid4Arduino Alpha Released

Druid4Arduino Alpha Released

druid4arduino-logo-big-light  Druid4Arduino–an automatic/configuration-free graphical user interface for Arduino projects–has just been released as free software (under the GPL), with binary programs available for Windows and Linux.

This software enables you to provide a GUI for your device or project without having to spend any time programming windows and buttons.  You need only include the SerialUI library in your sketch, specify which commands and sub-menus you wish to present to users, and define what it is each command actually does… druid4arduino will take care of dynamically configuring its interface to match.

When connecting to an arduino through the serial (USB) port, druid will query SerialUI‘s online help system to find which menu items are available and create appropriate buttons and help messages.  It does this recursively for each sub-menu and quickly configures itself to present a nice UI.

Since druid4arduino uses cross-platform compatible technologies, like the boost libraries and wxWidgets, the program is relatively easy to compile for many different kinds of hosts.  Easier still, there are currently pre-compiled binaries available for Windows and Linux–and hopefully a Mac version will soon be on the way.

Druid4Arduino, linux version

Druid running under Linux

The project page has more info, as well as a video walk-through, so please check it out and let me know what you think!  Also, if you’re a programmer or someone willing to try and enhance the program or get it working on some other platform, please get in touch :)



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