Exactly What She Said

It was already sizable, but then it just kept getting bigger and bigger… The long awaited update to druid4arduino is finally on its way–it’s currently awaiting publishing in the app store–but it took a whole lot longer than expected, in part because of the enormous endeavour it morphed into along the way. It began with…

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Mystery black window workaround: Druid back in development

Months ago, I was forced to get a new laptop (thanksalot, kitty!) which uses an Intel HD Graphics 520 graphics card.  When I got around to working on druid4arduino I hit a mystery bug with the display, as described previously. In short, a nice black window that wouldn’t display anything but the void.  Development was…

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Druid4Arduino: developments and mystery bug

The vagaries of life and a few real clients got in the way of druid2 development until recently.  I was all set to get going when the angry and fickle 4-legged god I live with changed my plans a bit… Thanks, kittie.  I’d been thinking of a new laptop anyway and managed to get one…

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