Druid4Arduino: developments and mystery bug

Druid4Arduino: developments and mystery bug

The vagaries of life and a few real clients got in the way of druid2 development until recently.  I was all set to get going when the angry and fickle 4-legged god I live with changed my plans a bit…


Thanks, kittie.  I’d been thinking of a new laptop anyway and managed to get one setup in short order.  When it came time to get down to druid dev, I happened upon a weird display bug.  The new druid is based on cordova which is really cool as it allows for a single code base to run on a whole bunch of systems.  It was working nicely, until on the new laptop I hit the black-screen-of-woes.

The bug is demonstrated here, using a skeleton Cordova project (just to make clear that the problem has nothing to do with druid4arduino-specific code):

I’ve dutifully reported the issue but things seem to be pretty slow moving on the Cordova jira.  If anyone has seen this before or has a clue as to what to do/try (I’ve listed all my various attempts at isolating the issue in the bug report), please get in touch.

Will update, and hopefully release, soon.