Daily Archives: May 3, 2016

Turning complex waveforms into usable values–VRMS, Power, Torque… how to do it and why it works

After this tutorial, you’ll know “in your bones” how to deal with the weirder stuff, when it comes to time-dependent values. It’s easy to find formulas to plug into to for simple cases, like a steady DC voltage or nice sine waves with known peak values but what happens when things aren’t so straightforward?  Say…

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Finding a messy signal’s period and frequency, the easy way

I’ve recently had to determining the frequency of some arbitrary repeating signal, from a stream of sampled values. In a simple universe, you could just wait for a specific value to come in–say the peak value–or monitor for the zero crossing or somesuch. However, the particulars in this case included the fact that, in addition…

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