Druid4Arduino Alpha Released

  Druid4Arduino–an automatic/configuration-free graphical user interface for Arduino projects–has just been released as free software (under the GPL), with binary programs available for Windows and Linux. This software enables you to provide a GUI for your device or project without having to spend any time programming windows and buttons.  You need only include the SerialUI…

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SerialUI 1.4 Released

Quick word to mention that SerialUI version 1.4 has been released. From the programming perspective, this update involves only a single change (the addition of a showEnterNumericDataPrompt() method, to provide more precise feedback than always using showEnterDataPrompt()). The most important thing is that the library now supports a mode specifically designed to aid interaction with…

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SerialUI Library Released!

  Ever want to easily configure, and get feedback from, an Arduino-based project?  If you want to allow a user to simply connect to your device and retrieve information or give commands dynamically–without the need to re-program the Arduino–then SerialUI may be just what you need! SerialUI allows you to setup a hierarchy of menus,…

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