VaRGB, RGB illumination programming library, released

VaRGB, a powerful and rather fun bit of code, has gone public and is now available as OSS. VaRGB is an RGB illumination programming library. You tell it how you want your lighting to behave, and it handles all the details of updating red/green/blue values at the right time for you. The library works on…

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TinyBrite Arduino library first release

As mentioned before, I love me some LEDs and have a particular fondness for the MegaBrites, powerful RGB modules that are easy to chain together.  The only issue I encountered in using the hardware was with SPI support or, more specifically, lack thereof.  On certain Arduino’s, like the very tiny Digispark, there is no hardware…

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LED the sunshine in

I loooove LEDs: they’re easy to use and really efficient.  I’ve always wanted to use light-emitting diodes to feed, or at least supplement, my plants because you can get a lot of lumen without using many Watts and also because you can target the frequencies usable by chlorophyll (in the red and blue parts of…

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