Yearly Archives: 2022

PnP Feeder Sets HowTo

This is a complete guide to how I create and use 3d printed feeder sets for cut tape components in a pick and place machine. With many low cost pick and place machines, like the LitePlacer I have, you can just stick the tapes to the work surface and get going. But I find this…

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Microscope trinocular port extensions: c-mount and body

A few tweaks I’ve made or simply printed, make my new compound microscope that much cooler to use, and I’m sharing them here along with some details on the process. I only recently got the microscope—specifically a Swift SW380T trinocular scope, for which the microbehunter has some tips and a video review—and I had so…

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Inspecting Zigbee Packets for dev and debug

Trying to implement a Zigbee device involves a few challenges, but things get a whole lot easier when you aren’t operating blind. I’ve got my prototype built and running, based on an nRF5340 and the Zboss stack, and also have a few commercial hubs to play with. I started out naively thinking that if I…

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