Coraline: cordova/ionic apps on Linux

Coraline: cordova/ionic apps on Linux

Cordova-ubuntu is dead! Long live Coraline!

Though my focus is circuitry and embedded systems, I wind up developing a lot of apps for Android or Windows but also a few for Linux, like device druid.  On this Linux side, I’ve been counting on the Ubuntu support from cordova, but now that I’ve upgraded to 17.x cordova-ubuntu is just gone. I know, the whole phone thing didn’t work out, but still… thanks for leaving us hanging, ubuntu :(

So, because I want Linux versions for device druid and druid builder, and because I love doing my dev under Linux, I really need something to run my ionic/cordova apps natively.  Sure, “ionic serve” is nice, but my world revolves around connectivity through Bluetooth and serial ports etc.  What to do?

Well, over the holidays, I got tired of waiting and got down to business… and so Coraline was born.

Coraline allows you to run your apps under Linux and, most importantly, has a plugin system that gives your Typescript and Javascript access to the low-level system.  I’ve got SQLite, Bluetooth Low Energy and a few other plugins working nicely, and more on the way. Check out the one-minute intro:

If you’re interested, head to the Coraline site and give it a whir–I’d love some input.  Hope you enjoy.

Happy New Year