Druid2: the quest for beta testers

Hallo all… An updated, more powerful and much improved versions of druid and SerialUI are on their way in the coming weeks.  I’m looking for a few people who’d be willing to act as beta testers for the new versions–the more hardware, and platforms, you have access to, the better but any supported combination should…

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SerialUI and Druid4Arduino updated

SerialUI, the Arduino serial/terminal user interface, and Druid4Arduino, the automatic GUI for SerialUI-enabled devices, have both been updated and are available for download. SerialUI SerialUI has been expanded to include new functionality, the most important of which are: A “user-presence” callback.  You can now specify a function which will be periodically executed while a user…

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SerialUI 1.4 Released

Quick word to mention that SerialUI version 1.4 has been released. From the programming perspective, this update involves only a single change (the addition of a showEnterNumericDataPrompt() method, to provide more precise feedback than always using showEnterDataPrompt()). The most important thing is that the library now supports a mode specifically designed to aid interaction with…

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