SerialUI and Druid4Arduino updated

SerialUI, the Arduino serial/terminal user interface, and Druid4Arduino, the automatic GUI for SerialUI-enabled devices, have both been updated and are available for download. SerialUI SerialUI has been expanded to include new functionality, the most important of which are: A “user-presence” callback.  You can now specify a function which will be periodically executed while a user…

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Druid4Arduino Alpha Released

  Druid4Arduino–an automatic/configuration-free graphical user interface for Arduino projects–has just been released as free software (under the GPL), with binary programs available for Windows and Linux. This software enables you to provide a GUI for your device or project without having to spend any time programming windows and buttons.  You need only include the SerialUI…

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Adventures of a Linux guy building Windows programs

I have a little Arduino project for which I’m going to provide a nice graphical interface.  As is my custom, I chose to implement everything using my Linux development environments but made it a point to choose powerful tools that are designed to be cross-platform.  It’s a drag to do things over just because your…

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